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UK introduces temporary visa program for truck drivers in order to address supply shortage

The United Kingdom (UK) is ready to issue 10,500 temporary visas for truck drivers from abroad as well as poultry workers up to Christmas 2021.

Lines have been building at the gas stations of the UK for a few days due to the shortage of truck drivers available to distribute products at the pumps.

The COVID-19 epidemic, the inability to educate new truck drivers because of COVID-19 regulations, Brexit and the low wage that truck drivers are offered across Europe have exacerbated the problems with the supply chain for fuel across the United Kingdom, causing days of panic-buying.

According to a statement by the UK Department for Transport, the department is requiring 5,000 truck drivers to be employed throughout the UK for three months during the weeks leading up to Christmas. This will offer “short-term relief for the transport industry.”

Around 5,500 poultry workers will include in this visa programme in order to “avoid potential further pressure on the food industry during this exceptional period.”

It is reported that the U.K. government says recruitment of temporary truck drivers as well as poultry farmers will start in October. The visas will be valid through Christmas Eve.

Army drivers have been put on standby to alleviate the situation within the United Kingdom.

Additionally, it is reported that there’s a shortage in truck drivers to transport fuel and food across Europe.


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