Does Canada Have a ‘Green Card’ Lottery?

Does Canada have a Green Card’ Lottery?

Canada doesn’t have an immigration lottery like it does in the United States does. The US has a program known as the Diversity Visa which allows citizens to apply for Green Cards. Canada has no diversity visa, but there are numerous programs that provide draws every week. This allows individuals to become permanent residents, similar to those who have the US Green Card.

Are you interested in participating in into the US Green Card Lottery?

Does Canada provide the Canada Immigration Lottery by 2021?

There is no such thing. Canada doesn’t offer the Canada Immigration Lottery. Certain websites advertise that they offer it. They can be deceiving and some are scams. However, this doesn’t mean that you are not able to move to Canada. Canada provides more than 60 choices in immigration. That means there are a variety of possibilities for immigrants who are interested in coming to Canada. If you’re looking to participate in an immigration lottery, make sure to look into for the US Diversity Visa.

Are Express Entry an Immigration Lottery?

Although it is true that the Express Entry system uses point systems as well as regular draws however, it’s not a lottery , but an merit-based system. This Express Entry stream aims to make it easier for a visa to enter the country. The applicant will complete an application to join into the Express Entry pool and be awarded a CRS score based on your answers. Each time, Canadian immigration does an Express Entry draw. This draws candidates who meet a minimum CRS score. If you are chosen then you are given 60 days in which to submit your application for an immigration. If you don’t get picked and you do not get selected, you will remain on the waiting list. In addition to the standard Express Entry, many of provinces will look at their Express Entry profile to see whether you’re eligible to relocate to that province.

Note: Canada does not offer an immigration lottery. It is only the US have an immigration lottery.

Parents and Grandparents Lottery

The Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship Program has proven to be an extremely popular option for foreigners seeking Canadian immigration. Because of the influx of applicants each when the program is opened, the government has chosen to transform the program into an actual lottery. The lottery will only be open for a period of 3 weeks, so anyone who is interested will have to be quick!

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