Dubai Visa Fee From Nigeria 2021 (Price List)

One of the main concerns that Nigerians who plan to visit Dubai are able to ask is about the Dubai visa cost from Nigeria. Numerous fake and outdated responses on the internet could deceive you throughout the visa application and payment procedure.

This article we’re going to provide all the details regarding what is the latest Dubai visa fees for Nigerian applicants, as and the various types of Dubai visas offered to Nigerian applicants.

Also you will be able to know Dubai visa costs in Nigeria without any hassle. This is all covered in this article. We encourage you to continue reading to find the complete information.

The first thing to note is that it is important to note that the Dubai visa fees are non-refundable installment in cash to facilitate your Dubai visa. It is a requirement as required by the immigration authorities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to Nigerian Visa applicants to make a payment the visa fee prior to getting the visa needed to travel to the country.

This is the reason it is crucial to know what your visa will cost prior to taking care of the visa.

Everyone can agree the fact that it may take a bit longer to receive the Dubai visa, even after making payment. If you’re aware of the Dubai Visa charges and complete your application in time you will be able to receive your Dubai visa within three days of processing.

Do not waste time or for those who are looking to get their work done and need to get there quickly, we’re going to determine what Dubai visas cost for Nigerian applicants.

What will be the Dubai visa cost applicable to Nigerian applicants?

Be aware that the price of the Dubai visa is contingent upon the duration of your visit. Also, the length of your travel is determined by the kind of visa you’re applying for. There are a variety of Dubai visa kinds that Nigerians are able to apply for. It is, however, a major element that determines the Dubai visa cost we will discuss the different types of Dubai visas that are available for Nigerian applicants near the section of this article.

We have received the latest information on Dubai Visa fees through the immigration officials of the United Arab Emirate website and the following are the details:


Dubai Visa costs are applicable to Nigerian applicants;

  • 14 days visa: NGN30,000 (EUR66)
  • 30-day Visa: NGN 3000 (EUR66)
  • 96 hours visa: NGN 23,000 (EUR51)
  • Visa application cancellation charges NGN10, 950

The most popular types of Dubai visas are for Nigerian applicants

As we mentioned previously It is the kind of visa you are applying for that will determine the amount you will have to cover. In this context we’ll clarify the most common kinds of Dubai visas available to Nigerian applicants.

The cost of the visa should provide you with a glimpse of the different types of Dubai visas offered. These are :

14 days Dubai Tourist Visa

If your visit to Dubai is to enjoy travel or visiting your family member or friend member, you may apply for the 14-day Dubai tourist visa.

It’s valid for the duration of 58 days. One can stay for up 14 days. The visa cannot be extended because it’s only valid one-time entry.

30 Day Dubai Tourist Visa

A growing number of Nigerians apply for the 30 day Dubai tourist visa since it’s issued for tourism.

There are numerous tourist spots in Dubai and, naturally this is the reason for avid travelers from Nigeria who wish to visit Dubai need to apply for this kind of visa.

With this visa, you can remain in Dubai for a maximum of 30 days. Similar to the previous visa, it will be extended because it’s a single entry visa.

90 days Dubai Tourist Visa (Single and Multiple entries)

If you’ve been thinking on going to Dubai for a lengthy holiday, such as to celebrate Christmas with your family or take a lengthy trip to Dubai and the surrounding areas, then the 90-day Dubai Tourist Visa (Single and Multiple entries) is the kind of Dubai visa to apply for.

Although the validity of the visa is 58 days from the date of issue, it is possible to return prior to it exceeding 90 days. The good thing is that visa applicants are able to apply for single or multiple entries.

This means you are able to stay whatever time the reason of your trip requires because it’s multiple entries. There is no need to get two or more distinct Dubai visas when applying for your 90 Days Dubai Tourist Visa (Single and Multiple entries). This visa is great for travelers who are making a number of flights during their trip to Dubai.

96 Hours Dubai Transit Visa

Wait a second, are you not going to spend the vacation in Dubai and you are allowed to stay there for one day? !

The Hours of 96 Hours Dubai Transit Visa as is the name suggests are given to Transit passengers. They are able to apply for a visa of 96 hours in UAE airports.

If you’re traveling to a certain country and require an stop at UAE airports then this is the best visa to apply for as it allows applicants for a stay within Dubai for up to 96 hours.

It allows the remain in Dubai for four days, the exit must be completed by midnight on the fourth day.

So after you have collected the necessary information to apply for the Dubai visa you are looking for It is essential to be prepared in advance for Dubai visa fees. The payment is made to any reputable agency to pay visa application fees on the internet. I hope that this article was able to demonstrate the Dubai visa fees to Nigerian applicants.

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