How Do I Apply for A Canadian Passport

In addition to other nations, Canada also uses an electronic passport that is issued to Canadian citizens. A e-passport, similar to that of the Canadian passport can be described as a book of 36 pages with a data chip. It has basic information which can be used to identify travelers.

If you are traveling through another country as an Canadian resident, you are required to have your passport on you as proof of identity. Prior to being allowed to enter a nation you have to show your passport. It will then be scanned to confirm your identity.

In the Global Passport Index by Montreal-based financial company Arton Capital, the Canadian passport is ranked 10th most desirable around the globe. With the Canadian passport, you are able to travel to over 114 countries with having to obtain a visa.

What are the advantages of having an Canadian passport?

  • To help you identify yourself and to reduce identity theft.
  • A Canadian passport can be utilized to verify Canadian citizens everywhere around the globe.
  • An e-Passport can be used to identify the country of origin of a person as well as the country that a person is coming from, as well as where they’re headed.
  • Improved Privacy protection
  • Easy access and exit control points using the use of automated readers for passports.

Documents and requirements to apply for the Canadian Passport

  • Evidence of Canadian citizenship
  • A valid document that proves your identity
  • Two passport photos that are identical
  • An up-to-date and valid Canadian travel document that was issued to you under your own name.
  • The form you submitted was completed within the last 12 months, and authenticated by the garant.
  • Other documents could require additional documents (Such as a language test score) in their original versions or if they are that are not or translated in English or French must be presented along with a translation.

How To Apply For Your Canadian Passport Canadian Passport

To apply for to apply for a Canadian passport you must be aged over the age of 16 and be a Canadian citizen. Parents or guardians can apply for their children’s passports. Here are a few ways to apply

  • Download or obtain the application form from IRCC official website or the Passport Office directly.
  • Complete the application correctly and then sign each page of the application form.
  • Include all the documents you believe are essential to the form, notably two passport pictures that are the same.
  • Find a guarantor as well as two references that can verify your identity.

The person you can rely on as your guarantor is:

  • Anyone who has been in contact with you for at least two years;
  • You must have a Canadian citizen of 18 or older;
  • Must be able to present an active Canadian passport or at a minimum, an original passport that hasn’t expired for more than one year.

Send an application at the proper Passport bureau or online portal and pay the applicable fees.

Take out your new passport.

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