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UK visa application in Nigeria

Before submitting an application for an UK visa for Nigeria it is essential to note the type of visa that you need. As we mentioned earlier, this depends on the purpose for which you travel into the UK.

If, for instance, you are planning to travel to study or research purposes, you should apply for a student visa. For work-related reasons it is necessary to submit a request for a Work visa. This applies to tourist, business and various other kinds of UK visas that are available to Nigerians.

How to apply for the UK visa

If you’re looking to start the process of applying for a visa it is necessary to verify if you are required to have visas using this link

If you’re looking to obtain a visa, you need to select the type of visa that you need based on your reason for why you’re travelling in the UK.

Here is an application for various types of UK visas for Nigerians

Student Visa: Student Visa Download the application form here to fill out the online student visa application the form.

Work Visa: Begin the application process to obtain a business visa here

Tourist Visa: Planning to visit the UK to enjoy your holiday? You can find this form to apply for a visa here.

UK Citizen spouse visa: If you’re seeking to travel to the UK visit the UK, you can check the form for visa applications here.

Transit visa. If you’re traveling across in the UK for another destination, you’ll have to fill out this form.

All of these kinds of Visas must be obtained by people who want to apply for a visa based on the reason for their visit.

Online Application form

It is important to note that the UK visa application to Nigeria requires you to submit specific information when filling out the online application. Here are some of the information you need to submit during the application process.

  • Full name
  • The country of nationality
  • Country of residence
  • Marital status
  • Contact details
  • Passport number

Reasons to enter the UK and any other pertinent details.


It is possible to pay to pay for your UK Visa application to Nigeria using your credit card, or through online payment. After you have paid you are able to schedule an appointment to receive an interview.

Seeking an immigration visa that could last 6 months or more and you will need to pay an additional fee to cover an additional health surcharge.

Different types of UK Visa

As we’ve mentioned previously There are various types of visas, and which motives would qualify you for visas.

The Student Visa kind of visa is intended for those seeking to take at the University within the UK. It could be an extended or short-term course which means that you can apply for two different types of visas under this category.

Working Visas: If there is an offer of employment in the UK or you wish to take on paid work in the UK and the UK, this is the kind of visa you need to apply for.

Tourist Visa: A tourist visa is recommended to visitors to the UK for one or all of these reasons. To visit friends or family members to celebrate holidays or holidays; for a business trip or a private medical treatment or for getting married.

Transit Visas: If travelling to another country from the UK the visa is highly recommended.

Other Visa: If you’re visiting the UK for any reason other than the purpose of business, or to visit spouse, or a partner or visiting a spouse, a travel visa is strongly recommended.

Document needed to submit an UK visa application to Nigeria

If you’re thinking what documents I require for the UK visa application to Nigeria? You don’t have to be worried. We will provide you a list of the requirements which are required to complete your UK Visa application procedure.

These documents will be needed for visa applications:

This online form, with your personal information is required to be filled in. However, if you fill out the form by hand, it’s still a valid photo ( at least 6 months old)

A valid passport that is valid for at the very least prior to the date of your journey

Your financial statements for the month is meant proof of your obligation to pay your expenses.

Biodata may include your photo or a photo of your face.

If you’re going to an fa, family, friday, ending or you are being with your spouse then you must send an invitation letter to the host. You must have a legally resident or citizens from the UK.

You’ll also have to show the proof of your visa fee payment. So, you’ll need to submit the receipts for payment.

NOTE: For certain kinds of visas like business or tourist you must give a complete itinerary for your trip. It is a document that will outline your travel plans as well as dates, scheduled hotels, tours as well as other details.

Eligibility to an UK visa

To apply for the UK visa to Nigeria is easy using the guidelines we’ve included in this article. But, in order to be eligible you need to satisfy the requirements for each kind of visa.

For instance, if you’re seeking a student visa You will have to meet certain requirements, including evidence of admission to the institution; proof the applicant is dependent (or proof of your sponsor in the event of sponsors) and any other vital details.

Visitors from business will require certain requirements, such as financial statements, proof of your company’s operations and other business activities along with relevant details about the event.

If you’re visiting your family member, partner, or friend There are additional conditions you must meet to fulfill in order to qualify.

This is applicable to all types of visas since you may need additional requirements based on the visa type.

It is crucial to understand that all documents you submit for your visa application needs to be in line with your online form. This is vital since it increases your chances of being approved for the visa.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Are you curious about what Nigerians think about the UK visa application to Nigeria? Here are some questions and answers to this issue.

  • What will be the UK visa cost?

The UK visa cost is contingent on several factors like the following:

  • The kind of UK visa you’re applying for
  • The term for the UK visa
  • The cost is also relevant whether you’re traveling as dependent or non-dependent.

In this context Let’s examine the structure of visa costs based on the factors mentioned above;

  • UK visa fee for visas with an expiration of less than six months is 95 pounds.
  • UK visitor visa costs for less than two years is 261 pounds
  • A visitor’s visa with a validity of less than five years is 655 pounds.
  • If you have a visa that is lesser than 10 year’ duration it will cost 822 pounds

The fees above are applicable to UK visitor’s visas.

If you are seeking a skilled work visa in the UK The fees range from about 610 pounds per 408 pounds

Health and Care Visas cost about 232 pounds

Study visas are available for students (Aged 18 and over) is 348 pounds)

If you’re looking to relocate to the UK The visa costs are as follows:

Settlement visa fees: 1,523 pounds and 3.250 pounds in the event that you also have relatives. However, if you’re an asylum seeker with family members who are dependent, then the cost amounts to 388 pounds.

  • Can I claim a refund of the fee I paid for my visa application?

The visa application fee is a non-refundable payment , and you will not be able to receive any refund after you have paid. You can however receive a refund if haven’t submitted your application online. Be aware that in the event of a refunds, the process can occasionally take as long as 28 days to be completed.

  • Do I have to apply again after having been rejected the first time?

If you’ve applied before but were denied If you have previously applied and were rejected, you are still eligible to apply. But, you have to fix the problem you faced in your prior application when you apply again.

Therefore, I think that you now have a clear understanding of UK visa requirements in Nigeria. The requirements and details contained in this article are crucial to apply for the UK visa.

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