How To Get A Canadian Work Permit Without A Job Offer

Many people inquire if they can obtain an Canadian working permit without job offer. Have you ever wanted to work in another country? Maybe you already have a job but aren’t sure whether you are eligible for an authorization to work? It depends on the kind of job that you’ve applied for. However, you must be aware that not all jobs require a permit to work. If you’re the applicant, you have to be aware of what a work permit is and what kinds are available.

What is an employment permit?

A work permit confirms that you are able to be employed in Canada. This is why it is crucial that you have it in case you intend to work in Canada.

Work permits of different types

There are several types that foreigners can work in Canada. Foreign workers are classified into two categories:

  • Temporary workers
  • Permanent employees.

Temporary workers

A temporary worker is a person who is employed for a specific amount of time, and then goes home. Thus, they must return to their country of origin after a specific duration. There are two types of temporary workers:

Open work permit

This kind of work permit permits immigrants from abroad to join any company or business. But, these businesses must adhere to general labor laws in Canada. However, certain businesses like the escort service, massages, or exotic dance are not covered.

Employer-specific Work Permit

Employer-specific permits are restricted. In other words, you are not able to work for multiple companies. You can only work with one employer.

Permanent employees

Permanent employees are those who plan to reside in Canada for a long time. Of course, they’re required to possess an alternative kind working permit. To be eligible for thistype of permit, you have to be a professional with a high level of expertise and has plenty of experience in the field.

In general, those who want to permanently immigrate are able to do this via an Express Entry system. This is advantageous because it is not necessary to provide an offer of employment prior to applying for an immigration. But, you must be registered with the Employment and Social Development Canada’s jobs boards to be able to connect to an Canadian employer.

Furthermore, those with no experience in the workplace but are interested in working in Canada can apply. However, they need to be able to apply for International Experience Canada. This is only applicable to those who are between the ages of 18 to 30. Candidates can choose to work in any field of their choosing to earn experience at any place.

Jobs where a work permit is required

There are some jobs that require a permit to work that are essential in Canada. The two most common work that requires a permit are:

  • Caregivers;
  • Agriculture Workers.
  • Caregivers

They look after seniors, elderly and disabled children. They are fortunate enough to live where they work , as the organizations they are employed by offer them accommodation. But, there are those who can’t afford the luxury of this.

Agricultural workers

The agricultural workers are employed in food and farming factories.

They require an offer from a company in order to obtain an employment permit.


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