UK Visa Fees in Nigeria 2021 in Naira

It is said that the United Kingdom is one of the most popular places for Nigerians. A large number of Nigerians go to the UK for study, work or even for a permanent residence. By 2021 UK Visa fees for Nigeria are not changing significantly compared to the previous years. Visa applications for different reasons are the main reason for the UK fees for visas in Nigeria.

You can however find out more information on the various types of Visas to be able to determine the cost.

In this article, we’re going to provide an information on how much UK visas are in Nigeria.

UK Visa costs in Nigeria 2021

We have mentioned before that the cost of a visa depend on the kind of Visa. Here we will show you the cost for the different kinds of visas that are available. The price of a UK visa for Nigeria is in the range of N31 000 ($87) up to N384 or $ 640 ($1 072)

UK Visa for standard visitors

This is among the most popular kinds that you can get UK Visa in Nigeria. The standard visitor’s visa comes in distinct categories that each have various costs. Below is a summary of the categories in that Standard UK visa and their charges:

Short-term UK visa for 6 months which can be purchased at N45 000 ($125)

Long-term UK visa, valid for two years. The types of visas can be purchased for about N169 or (approximately 920 ($472)

Longer-term UK visa with a validity of 5 years and costs N308,520 ($857)

Longer-term UK visa that can be used for up to 10 years. It can be acquired for a nominal fee of N386 or 640.

All of these types of UK visas are offered in Nigeria at the appropriate cost.

Short-term Visa study Visa

If you are planning to pursue a degree at a university in United Kingdom, this is the most appropriate type of visa to apply for. The visa can also be used on an interim period of six months. The Visa is available at a cost of N46 800 ($130).

This could be more than twice the usual cost for students who want to learn English for a period of 6 months. In these instances the cost can be approximately N90 thousand ($251).

Special visitor visa fees

Another popular kind of visa that is used by Nigerians This visa is granted to those who are traveling into the United Kingdom as special visitors.

Examples of these types of visas for the special visitor’s visa are:

A civil marriage partnership Marriage Visas- can be purchased for N45 000 ($125)

Parents who visit their children at educational institutions located in Britain UK are also in the category of special visitor’s visa. These Visas are available for purchase at about N249 or 800 ($694). These types of visa is valid only for one year.

Business visitors are charged a fee for visas.

Visas for business travelers come in a variety of types and can be purchased at various costs.

Entrepreneurs, investors and diplomatic couriers can purchase their visas with a cost of N45 000 ($125)

Visas for dental observationand medical tests. These visas can be available for purchase at N46,800 ($130)

UK visa for academics with a one-year period of validity can be obtained at a cost of N90 1 000 ($251)

Visa costs applicable to Course F visitors

It is the UK visa for visitors of course F typically is obtained by foreign members of an military. This kind of visa is purchased for the price of N249 800 ($694).

The types of visas as well as their costs are all accessible to Nigerians who wish to visit UK. United Kingdom.

Notice that prices for visas could change because the rate of conversion isn’t steady. However, you can get updated information about the 2021 UK visa fees in Nigeria from their official website at

Finding Information on how to pay for the 2021 UK visa costs in Nigeria

Apart from the official website to pay the UK visa fee There isn’t any other information that is legitimate on other websites. You must stay up to date on the cost and the process for applying for the visa and associated fees. These are some rules you need to follow in order to keep up-to-date with the most recent and accurate news. Below, we’ll discuss the ways to stay informed about how to pay the UK Visa fees in Nigeria:

With your phone, laptops, desktop, or tablets, visit the UK visa’s official website page via this link

You’ll be taken to the home page of the site. Scroll down to the bottom and click the green button which is labelled ‘Start now’.

When you press”green” you’ll be presented with a lengthy list of countries you can choose from. In this instance, select Nigeria.

Once you have selected your country, you can select the kind of information you want to know more on.

You can also click the button’show all. This will provide you with details about all types of visas available. This includes information on 2021 UK visa fee in Nigeria.

This guide is the only way to obtain accurate information regarding the UK visa costs. You must be wary of fraudsters and scammers on the internet who attempt to sell fake details.

The requirements for different types of UK Visas

In order to obtain the UK visa needs to come with one cause or the other, this is the reason why visas are categorised. The various types of visas are however accompanied by specific terms and conditions to assure you that you’re qualified. This will also assist with the proper documentation needed during the process of applying.

Nigerians traveling to the UK should take a look at these terms to understand the various types of UK visas. Here is a detailed the breakdown of what you need to know to get one of the kinds of UK visas.

UK Spouse Visa for Nigerians

If you’re planning to visit the UK to the purpose of catching up with your spouse You will have to apply for an Spouse visa. Here are some requirements that make you qualified for an spousal visa:

  • Both you and your spouse have to be 18 years old or over.
  • You and your partner have to be married or part of an civil partnership acknowledged by the United Kingdom.
  • Your partner should be an British person or citizen in within the United Kingdom.
  • You and your spouse should have met in person prior to the wedding.
  • You and your partner should have lived in the same house for the last 2 years.

These are the conditions which allow you to apply for an UK spouse visa.

UK work visas for Nigerians

Nigerians seeking to travel to Nigeria to work in the United Kingdom for work are eligible to seek Tier 2 visas. This is only obtainable in the event that you’ve received an offer of employment from someone who is a resident of United Kingdom. Tier 2 visas are valid to the following categories:

  • 2. (General) Highly skilled employees who meet the requirements qualifications and have met the criteria
  • 2. (ICT) Tier 2 (ICT) permits employees to be transferred out of the United Kingdom
  • 2. (Sportsperson) is applicable to coaches and athletes in sports.
  • Level 2 (Minister of Religion) It is a common position to religious leaders around the world.

UK entrepreneur Visa for Nigerians

Entrepreneurs who wish be able to visit the United Kingdom are eligible on certain grounds that we will outline. Nigerian entrepreneurs can submit applications to be eligible for visas for Tier 1 visas. This category will only allow investors to invest in

Global Talent Visa: this is a visa that is only available to investors who are renowned for their artistic talents both local and international.

Tier 1 (Investor) For the purpose of applying for this visa The Nigerian businessperson must own 2 million pounds to be put into the UK

Start-up Visa: opening your first business in the UK is a requirement for this visa. In this case, the minimum amount isn’t set but you need to convince people of your intentions

How long will it take to obtain an UK visa for Nigeria?

Nigerians need an official visa to enter Nigeria to travel in United Kingdom. If you’re traveling for work, study or tourism it is necessary to obtain a visa. It can take up to 1 month for your Visa applications to be submitted.

How much is a ticket for Nigeria into the UK?

The cost of a one-way ticket to Lagos to London is around N177 000 ($492). However the round trip of Lagos to London costs about 245 000 ($680).

Which airlines fly from Nigeria towards the United Kingdom?

A few of the biggest airlines operating from Lagos from Lagos to London are Virgin Atlantic, Ethiopian Airlines, Etihad Airways, Emirates and Ethiopian airlines.

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