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Are you looking to apply for an US visa? Are you struggling applying and the requirements? This article is perfect for you. The process of applying for the US visa isn’t as complicated as it might appear. With a few guidelines and steps that you can know the procedure to apply for the US visa to Nigeria.

There are various types of US visas, and each have their own specifications to be completed.

This article will provide you with the basics of what you need to do you can apply for the US visa, the criteria and the documents required; in addition, the kinds of US visas that are offered.

A US visa is offered in two categories the visa for immigrants and the non-immigrant visa.

The application for a visa will be subject to a charge; these charges are based on the kind of visa you’re applying for. If you are applying for the US visa to Nigeria specific prerequisites and documents make you a suitable candidate to be interviewed.


To apply for the US visa to Nigeria is as easy as applying online. We will provide you with a step-by-step instructions on how to apply for a US visas in Nigeria.

Step-by-step instructions on how to apply for the US visa to Nigeria

The first step when applying for an US visa is filling out an online application. Below, we’ve given an instruction on filling out the form.

Visit the Nigerian Immigration website at

Choose Entry Visa/Visa-free zone

Choose the ‘processing nation choice, select the United States.

From here, you’ll be able to begin the application.

The application form for the US visa is accessible on the innov1 service site. This means you’ll be required to sign in using either a Gmail or Yahoo account, if you have an account. If you’re not able to create an account, click an open ID option to establish new accounts.

Create an account using the innovate 1 service, and then launch the application.

Choose Washington DC as the processing office.

Fill out this online form (seven page)) and then submit. Print out all forms online.

After you have completed the form after which you will be issued the Application ID and a reference number.


The reference number and the Application ID is used to process the Visa fee payment. Then, you will make the payment with your credit or debit card.

Alternately, you can pay with a money order. Innovate 1’s service will email you an acknowledgement when they have received the money order.

Then, print the slip of payment and the visa acknowledgement form.

Following the submission of your request, you’ll be scheduled for an appointment to have an interview or biometric with the visa processing center.

Note: Once you’ve submitted your application form, you will receive no refund of visa fees even if the visa was not granted. You are only able to request to cancel your application or for a refund in the event that applications are not submitted. For more information, contact the innovates 1 customer service.

Different types of US visas to Nigeria

There are various types of US visas that are available. These visas differ based on the purpose of your trip. The types of visas are divided into twocategories: immigrant or nonimmigrant visas.

The non-immigrant visa comprises the worker visa for students, student visa international business visas, the domestic worker as well as transit visa.

However the immigrant visa is intended for those who want to become an permanent residence of the United States.

The most popular kinds of US visas that are available below.

Business/Tourist Visas. They are intended for people who want for a trip to the United States for business (B-1 visa) or for pleasure (B-2 visa).

Work Visa: If you’ve been offered a job from America, United States, then this kind of visa is right for you. It is possible to request a working visa. Your employer must submit a formal application which must be accepted from The United States Immigration Services.

Student Visa. It is among the most popular kinds of U.S visas for Nigeria There are a lot of students from Nigeria are studying in the U.S. The student visa can be divided into two types: the F-1 visa for academic studies that are normal as well as the F-2 visa which is for vocational study.

Conditions for US visa

Each visa type has various requirements for applying and the documents. If you’ve got the required documents, you are able to fill out your application and have a more chance of getting your visa approved.

Here are the requirements for various types of U.S visas: you’ll require these documents in order to apply for a US visas in Nigeria

  • Business visa

These documents are needed for business visas.

  1. Current passport ( that has at least six months of validity)
  2. Online application form completed
  3. Receipt and payment slip
  4. 2 passport photographs
  5. A invitation letter from the company hosting the visit. The invitation letter should include the authorisation to manage the financial obligations as well as the purpose of the visit, and the time frame that the visitor will be there.
  6. Introduction letter from applicant’s company or organization
  7. The non-holders of U.S passports are required to provide proof of residency (green card or work permit resident visa)
  • Tourist Visa:

If you are an individual traveling for pleasure, you’ll require the following documents to process your visa

  1. A valid passport ( that has at least 6 months of validity)
  2. Pay slip
  3. Visa application online and acknowledgement slip
  4. 2 passport pictures
  5. Letter of invitation from host to accept immigration responsibility
  6. Information from the passport of the host
  7. Reservations at hotels in situations in which the person applying for the reservation isn’t staying at the host
  8. Airline ticket for returns
  9. The non-inhabiting holders of U.S passports must present proof of legal residence (green card or work permit) or resident visa
  • Student visa:

A student visa is among the most popular types of visa in Nigeria. As we have mentioned previously the student visa can be classified into two categories ones: The F-1 visa, which is designed for academic study within the United States. The F-2 is generally intended for vocation studies or other non-academic research within the United States. Here are some crucial documents you must bring with you when applying for a visa.

  1. A nonimmigrant application form
  2. A passport can be used to travel into America. United States. Passports must have validity of a minimum of 6 months.
  3. A photo (2″ X 2″)
  4. Acknowledgement slip and payment slip
  5. A valid application form is available by The U.S school program
  6. Additionally, you will need to make an appointment with the processing office of the embassy after the application is completed
  7. They will also be required to be used during the interview/biometrics
  • Work visa

In order to apply for a US visas to Nigeria to work, you have to be eligible. There are a few qualifications you’ll require. Additionally, you will require evidence of an offer to work that proves your education (Degree or higher) within America. United States. These are the required documents to obtain the Work Visa in the United States;

  • The form for requesting a visa
  • A travel document with the minimum validity of 6 months
  • A photo (2″ X 2″)
  • Receipt slip and payment slip
  • Receipt number on your petition that you have approved; it is the petition that was approved through your workplace at America. United States.

These documents are essential for all one of the above visas.

Official or diplomatic passport holders are advised to go to the Nigeria Immigration website at to find out more information.

Answers to frequently asked questions and frequently asked questions

What will be the US visa cost?

The US visa fee is determined by the kind of visa you’re applying for. Different types and categories of visas come with different costs. The cost for a US visas to Nigeria ranges from $160 to $190 or $265. This in naira equals N67 200, N79 800 and N111, 300 and N111, 300.

What is the time frame to apply for an Visa for Nigeria into the USA?

If you are applying for a non-immigrant visa the application process for a visa is usually three days prior to the approval. You can however apply for visas for a visa up to three months prior to travel. It is advised to apply as soon as you can prior to your travel date.

What amount do I have to pay to pay to get an US visitor visa?

One of the conditions for an entry visa for tourists is a bank statement proving your financial statements for the past three months. To be eligible for the U.S visitor visa you have to be able to provide a minimum of $5 1,000 to $10,000 for the application.

Do I qualify for an U.S visa without having to go through an interview?

It is possible that you can get an U.S visa without having to go through an interview because of your age. In other instances, if you’re renewaling the visa you have, you may not require an interview. But, you should not be denied approval prior to when you are able to avoid an interview

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