When Is The Next Parents and Grandparents Visa Lottery?

Beginning today, invitations will be distributed to those who have been selected in the Parents and Grandparents Program (PGP) lottery. The total number of applicants who have filled out an interest to sponsor application will receive a call within the next few days. Find out what you should do after you’ve received an PGP invitation!

A relative can be sponsored through the program for parents and grandparents is a very popular option for many foreigners. Canada believes that families of immigrants should live together in Canada this is why they take pride in family reunion.

Due to COVID-19 the IRCC was forced to postpone the 2020 Parent and Grandparents Program lottery draw date until 2021. The original plan was to be held by the close of December 2020, but several factors led to delays.

In January 2021 In January 2021, the IRCC finally began issuing invitations to this Parents and grandparent sponsorships. Then, they began processing as many as 10,000 requests in this round in the wake of delays. Find out more below about the Parents Sponsorship Canada 2021.

When will Parent Sponsorship be Open in 2021?

IRCC anticipates accepting more than 10,000 applications in 2020 for the PGP. It is expected that 2021 will be an important season for PGP. For 2021 Canada is expected to send as many as 40,000 invitations in all in. The initial plan was to distribute this number of invitations between the years 2020-2021. But due to coronavirus-related delays invitations will be sent this year.

In 2021, the Parents and Grandparents Program (PGP) is not yet opened. After it’s the program is announced Canadian residents or Canadian permanent residences who want for their parents or grandparents to travel to Canada will have to fill out an interest form to sponsor on the internet.

What Did The Parents’ Sponsorship Results Look Like? Canada the 2021 lottery results?

The Parents and Grandparent Program doesn’t necessarily offer results from the lottery to the public. The only way a participant could know they’ve accepted an invite to join Canada PR is through your email address.

When will PGP Reopen?

For 2020, the timeframe to fill out your expression of interest for the PGP program ran from Oct 13 and November 3. The IRCC hasn’t made any announcements for when the PGP submission window will open again.

The new lottery ran from October 13th until November 3, 2020 (3-weeks) which means that those interested need to get their tickets quickly! The potential sponsors will be chosen randomly from an applicant pool and will be officially asked to be a sponsor for their family , however only 10,000 people will be selected this year.

While some aren’t satisfied with the idea of turning the program into an actual lottery, the good reason is the fact that government is temporarily reducing the amount one must earn in order in order to qualify as a sponsor. This is due to the realization that the COVID-19 disease has affected a number of families.

How to Play the Lottery

The first step towards sponsoring your grandparent or parent through the lottery process is to complete an interest in sponsoring your family for 2020 on the application. This form was available to the Canadian Government site between Oct 13 and Nov 3.

How to Fill out the Form

The family member who sponsors the applicant is the one who needs to fill out the form for sponsor interest. You can revisit your application to amend your details should you make mistakes. The information you provide on the form you fill out must be in line with the information that you have provided in your application. After you’ve filled out an interest request, you’ll receive a confirmation code that you are not able to share with anyone else.

After You’ve Submitted Your Interest Form

Once you have completed an interest application, it is important to be required to note down the confirmation number, and then look through your email to find an invitation to submit your application. Invitations will be sent out after officials have reviewed the submissions and removed duplicate applications.

Tips to keep in mind when waiting to be invited:

  • Make sure you check your email on the form to express your interest.
  • Check your junk mail or your spam folder
  • Let officials know if you email address has changed.
  • If You’re Invited to Apply, please do so.

If you’re asked to submit a sponsorship application and you are invited to apply, you must complete your sponsorship application in the timeframe of sixty days (deadline is stated on the invitation). If you submit your application late the application will be rejected and you will not be able to apply for or accept an invitation to apply for another one.

If You’re Not Invited to Apply, you are not eligible to apply.

Don’t let yourself be down! Your grandparent or parent may be eligible for an Super Visa which would allow them to remain for up to 2 years in Canada at least two years at a time . They can also be able to apply for a stay extension up to one year at one time.

Need Help with Your Application?

There’s no telling which date program for grandparents and parents will return and accept new applications. You don’t wish to miss this chance! It is essential to be ready in the event that you’re randomly selected from the lottery. It’s recommended to talk with an immigration specialist since immigration authorities tend to be selective in regards to lottery draws!


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